Our guide for the perfect look.

Round - Palermo


A round face is fairly short with a wide forehead, often with full cheeks and a rounded chin.
We recommend: Rectangular shaped frames, with colour or decoration on the temples.
Try to avoid: Small or round shapes, and oversized frames which will make your face look rounder.
This face shape would work perfectly with our Safarro model Palermo.

Oval - Venezia


Oval face shapes are well balanced and softly rounded; the forehead is slightly wider than the jaw, which curves gently, and the cheekbones are high.
We recommend: All styles are suitable – but we recommend frames slightly on the wide side.
Try to avoid: Narrow frames that draw attention to a narrow eye line.
We recommend our Safarro model Positano.

Square - Lucca


A square face has a broad forehead, wide jaw line and square chin.
We recommend: Round and oval frames with the temples set at the top of the frame.
Try to avoid: Thin, angular and square styles, low-set temples or colour accents on the bottom of the frames that draw emphasis to the chin.
Our Safarro model Parma is perfect for this face shape as it is round with high temples.

Oblong  - Siena


An oblong face is longer than it is wide and has a long straight cheek line.
We recommend: Square shapes and aviator styles.
Try to avoid: Rectangular frame shapes or compact frames in height that accentuate the face length.
We recommend Safarro Firenze.

heart - Firenze


Heart-shaped faces have a broad forehead and wide cheek bones that narrow to a small chin.
We recommend: Bottom-heavy frames that are light in colour.
Try to avoid: frames which are wider at the top.
We recommend Safarro Pienza.

diamond shape



Diamond-shaped faces are narrow at the hairline and jawline and have broad cheekbones that may be high and dramatic.
We recommend: top-heavy frames or frames with detailing on the brow line. Ideal are upswept styles like cat eye that emphasize the cheek bones.
Try to avoid: Narrow frames that draw attention to the face width.
We recommend for woman model Monza and for man Lucca.




Triangular shaped faces have broad foreheads and wide cheek bones that narrow to a small chin.
We recommend: Frames that are wider on the bottom and particularly frames that are light in colour.
Try to avoid: Frames that wide at the top.
We recommend Safarro Napoli for woman and Torino for men.

In all cases, remember to consider
your complexion and hair colour.

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